Sneak Peek at the 2D Art

I will be spending ALL of the remaining until launch, tweaking the artwork of the game. As it stands now, I am focusing on the four vehicles and terrain that will be included in the base game, which is essentially the pieces needed for the introductory ROADBLOCK scenario. I will release other vehicles, after launch as they are finished.

I struggled for a long time, trying to decide what style I wanted to use for the game. I tried building models in Sketchup, I tried photographing real cars, toy cars ... I finally decided to go back and use variations of the original pencil sketches that appeared on the original hand-drawn Outrider prototype cards.

At first I thought the sketchy nature of the images wouldn't work ... but after scanning them in and tweaking them (and coloring them) a bit in Adobe, I felt more confident in the look.

Here's a sneak peek

Gunslinger Sample Art
 I'm still a little concerned about the asymmetrical, 'warpy' look of some of the original sketches ... but hey, whoever thought that any car would stay unscathed in the wastes?

The additional cars will be posted for free, after the game is up on BGG and other sites.

That's all for now ...


  1. Looks great to me. I for one am looking forward to the games release.

  2. Gregg - any way you could offset the icons from this car a bit more? The one on BGG doesn't look as crowded... As for the artwork - wow - consider this a day one purchase!

  3. @artbraune: Yeah, you're not the first to note the um...chubiness of this particular card, lol. This one ans a few others will be put on a slim-fast diet before launch.