Outrider Nears Release and New Project begins

Just a quick update: Outrider V1.0 will be released for sale on onebookshelf.com sites (rpgnow, wargame vault, etc) before the end of January '11. The release version will be a print and play product, consisting of cards, tokens, ruler and a few bits 2D terrain. This version will be cosmetically similar to the 'Wings of War' base game. The scale is unchanged, so the ability to convert to a 1/64th scale minis game is intact - in fact, there will be scenario packs including 3D terrain released later this year. Also in the works are a damage deck (for detailed damage) and an equipment deck for adding upgrades, additional weapons and auxilliary equipment to player's vehicles.

Also in the works ...

Development has begun in DFG's second release - Engage!

Engage is a game of Starship combat - capital ships skirmishing at sub-light speeds, much like you see in popular SciFi movies anf TV. Elements of the game include a simultaneous movement emchanic, as well as a very non-traditional, dexterity-based method of targetting/firing (well, non-traditional for this genre, anyway). Like Outrider, the focus is to keep the intensity and speed high, while maintaining a satisfying level of theme and strategy.


  1. Any plans to produce a physical version of the game?

  2. After the initial web-published release, I plan on putting together a physical set. These will likely only contain cards and tokens, as the road sections/terrain will be too large to package cheaply.

  3. Hi Gregg, Very glad to see this coming to fruition, can't wait to see how the finished product compares to the early 'test' versions. Looking forward to running some games in the Cons here in the UK in 2011! All the Best Steve