Recent upgrades for DFG

Starting out with hand-drawn cards, made from flash cards and index cards, I (Gregg) moved on and used the software tools available to me to make the published version of Outrider. Outrider was written and published using Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher 2003, Microsoft Word 2003 and Evans Model Builder. I am currently in the process of reinvesting my some of my profits into newer, better software. In the near future, I will be using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign to create DFG products. Some of the projects currently in the pipeline will be created using the older programs, as switiching now would delay them too long, in my estimation. In the future, newer version of the original Outrider products will become available with improved presentaition, art and content.

Conceived in December 2009, DiceFestGames is the studio name for a family of homebrewed games self-published by Gregg Lewis-Qualls. While working for a software testing company in West Texas, Gregg - with the encouragement of his wife - has decided to make use of his spare time developing games, artwork and other creative endeavors that have set neglected for too long.