The New Face of Outrider

I've been sketching for months, trying to come up with the 'splash' art for the center of the Outrider rulebook. What I wanted was a vehicle based on a muscle car, layered in riveted metal armor, brandishing machine guns in front of the driver, with something like an XM214 Minigun strapped to the passenger side fender. Slap on a diamond plate bumber with push bars, add some rust and some dust and viola:

Desert Raider or Grandma's Ford Fairmount? - You decide!
Okay, so it looks a little more like Starksky & Hutch's Gran Torino than I anticipated, but once you start covering up the grille and bumper with slabs of metal you pretty much end up with that '5 mph park bench bumper' look that was all the rage in 1974.All in all, I'm happy with it - it 'looks' the way I picture the vehicles in Outrider's setting looking. Take a look at a rough comp of the cover, car and all (right). I'm looking forward to uploading the game here in a week or so. I plan on celebrating my !?!th (ahem) birthday playing a game of 'Rider with a few friends and family. -G


  1. Like it Gregg, my only (personal) addition would be some huge lights/spotlights.

  2. I think it looks good. My personal preferences lean toward a big blower sticking out of the hood (ala Road Warrior), but thats just me.

  3. Just downloaded my copy from Drivethru RPG, can't wait to see how much the game has changed since the beta versions!!!

    Now to figure out how I can read the rules at work without being spotted!