Happy Birthday, Outrider!

DiceFestGames is celebrating one year of runnin' and gunnin' by offering the Outrider Jumpstarter Bundle for Half Price. During the month of January, the bundle will be available for $4.99.

Other Outrider News

Work and playtesting are still continuing for the upcoming Auxiliary Weapon expansion (renamed 'Not So Passive Agression'). After that, the player toolkit, including some expanded maeuvers, a rapid fire dice, a evasive maneuver dice and a few other helpful bits will be available in this FREE expansion. Vehicle Set 3 - A double sized set, including eight vehicles will be published, once the artwork is complete.

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  1. Eight new cars...? Wah!

    Hey, I have a question. What is the default, advanced, and suggested system to play by?

    I've been playing choose car + allocate dice.... I'm thinking of switching up to random car + random tuner + assign dice. Or maybe... take two random cars, four random tuner cards... then allocate dice and allocate one tuner card per car.

    The scenario would be straight-up fight to the death.