Another expansion, another update(!)

I feel like I'm making software. But I guess that's the nature of designing and publishing your own game out of your kitchen. This update relates direct to the vehicle bases themselves. Over a year of playtesting, seven months of sales and two (nearing three) expansions, it has dawned on me that there is a bit of what I have called 'Weapon Arc Bias'.

What is 'Weapon Arc Bias' and What Can I Do to Prevent It?

Well the first step is to stay calm :)

The Raider V2 - "How do you like me now?"
When creating the points system for balancing the vehicle bases, I think I over valued the small, fixed weapon arcs. When linked together on the same facing (Gunslinger) the +1 link bonus levels the costs, compared to a articulated arc (Renegade). Simply put, the Gunslinger's second weapon makes up for the lack of coverage/flexibility that the Renegade driver has when targeting. When you step down to a single fixed arc (Muleskinner/Raider) it's like you've lost alot - No link bonus and your coverage shrinks to um ... virtually nothing.

So What Happens Now?

Well, with secondary arcs playing a big role in the next expansion, I have tweaked the vehicles a bit. Essentially any vehicle that has a small, unlinkable, fixed arc has had it repaced with a fixed wide arc. So now the facing will have the same coverage as a linked facing (but not as much as an articluated arc) but not grant the +1 bonnus for paired weapons ... this feels more like one step down instead of two. This should open up some options for the Muleskinner, Tailgunner, Raider and others.

You Mean Someone Actually Chooses to Play as the Raider?

Hey. Some of us used to drive the Raider to work everyday ;)

You probably didn't recognize it without the Anarchy symbol

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  1. I had a 4 door maverick, and then later a two door Comet, in just that shade of green. The mav was brown.

    Oh, and my wife stole my google spot for her blogs. This is Chugosh, or Mike in the real world.