Eight New Ways to Hurt One Another

Just a quick note this morning. I've uploaded the new vehicle blanks to the Bolt-Ons Page, you can find them HERE.

In brief, these builds are 'upgraded' versions of the existing eight vehicles, all with a significant boost to their weapon arc coverage. These builds even include a few new arcs never seen before, such as the coveted 180 degree arc that many have asked for from the beginning.

Introducing the Rustler:

Here's an example of one of the new blanks - The Rustler. The Rustler is built upon the Renegade chassis, but sacrifices a little speed to gain a much wider range of fire. Although all eight new vehicles bear some resemblances to their original cousins, they add a new dimension to play, as they give players new tactical options.

Game balance is maintained, as these new vehicles have less 'boosts' to their characteristics when compared to the original eight.


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