Better Late then never(?)

Greetings all. As many of you know, the TJSS Tuner Card deck was slated for late May or early June release. Well, I fell incredibly behind on this deadline, but for good reason. I felt that the deck needed a bit more playtesting, as some of the cards still felt a bit out of balance ... the good news is the deck gained four more cards in teh process, not counting the three freebies that are already out there.

The deck adds 32 pieces of bolt-on equipment to boost your ride's performance and defensive capabilities, as well as range cards that can augment or outright replace the original range ruler - these cards have the added bonus of being able to stack and store with your exisitng cards. There are a few new tokens for tracking equipment effects as well as some +3 and +4 tokens to make those augmented bonuses a bit easier to track.

all this goodness is available for $1.99 from the Bolt-Ons page, or as part of the new Jumpstarter Bundle, which also includes the base game and the damage deck, together in one, big set.

Up next: the auxililary weapons deck, because no car combat game is complete without an oil slick and a flamethrower.


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