Version update coming before next expansion

I really tried to resist this, but the base Outrider rules are moving to V1.1. Outrider underwent a year of playtesting. I compiled loads of feedback from friends, gamers and myself to streamline the game to what it is currently. I also decided to make the game expandable ... and that's where it got a little complicated.

Don't Panic!

I know I'm being a little dramatic here, but this is a big deal ... I know games (even non-video) go through many versions in their lifetime. The changes are not that major ... just a few tweaks to make the expansions (esp. the upgrades and aux weapons) integrate a little better. So here are the changes:

  • Control checks. The player now only needs to match the difficulty number, not exceed it to successfully perform a set of maneuvers. I realized it was very confusing and a bit unintuitive to do it the other way. This also gives those D6 drivers a bit more of a chance (bless their hearts).
  • Firing while stopped. This now requires 1AP to be spent per shot, instead of 3 shots for the price of 1 AP. This also ties into the next bullet point
  • Unloading from a stopped position. I have played alot of Outrider games with alot of different people, including my 16 year old, who is a master of discovering the loopholes (He is an invaluable playtester for this reason). One of the first goals was to make this a game about driving and shooting ... not a game of artillery duel. Now when you spend 1 AP/shot while standing still, you will receive +1 for each attack token after the first. You can still wallop the other guy, but you can't dink him for 3 hits.
Personally, I think this cleans up a few areas in the game that were a bit ambiguous ... and when the Tuner Cards and Aux Weapons decks are out, I think you'll understand why these changes were made.

The new version will be uploaded to all the respective downloads sites this week, including this site. Thanks to all for contributing and I apologize if this inconveniences anyone. Please feel free to contact me at dicefestgames@gmail.com with any questions you may have.


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