Tuner Card Samples

With the launch of The Tejas Speed Shop Tuner Cards coming soon, I thought I would give a brief glimpse of how the cards will interact with your current dashboard.

Drafting the cards

How many cards of what type of cards is up to the host/group. Does everyone choose one upgrade at random? Do you choose the category of upgrade (Performance, defensive, etc), but still choose a random item? Can players just draft the cards they want? Are duplicates allowed? It's up to you. My playtest group tended to allow one upgrade per car per game, usually drafted by the players - allowing teams to choose upgrades that complimented each other - but part of the charm is figuring out new ways to use them in games. The only hard rule is that one of each type per car is really about the limit - and this is usually only used as a balancing mechanic for unbalanced groups/scenarios.

Attaching the Cards

The cards are simply placed behind the dashboard card they augment. The top portion of the card gives an 'at-a-glance' look at the upgrade. If needed, detailed rules are printed below the summary, along with flavor text and (text permitting) an image of the equipment.

example dash with tuner cards
  Sample Cards

I've uploaded a few images of cutting room floor items. These are items that were a little too ... 'out there' to include in the base tuner set. But remember: joining the Tejas Speed Club is a lifetime membership - anytime the catalog is updated/expanded, you will receive the new items free of charge!



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