Tejas Speed Shop Announces South Location

image courtesy TJSS Motorsports
Laredo, TX - TJSS Motorsports, the parent company of 'Tejas Speed Shop & Military Surplus,' a popular retailer of performance, motorsports and survivalist gear, announced the opening of a fifth location near Laredo, TX. "We see it as adding the fifth point on the Tejas star," said future site manager Santos Herrera, as he handed his signature, ornate cane to an assistant, breaking the ground for the new site with a shovel decorated with the retailer's trademark red, white and blue colors. The company's other locations include sites near Amarillo, Ennis, El Paso as well as the flagship store - a nine square-mile wrecking yard built on top of an abandonned Atlas missile silo near Abilene, TX. "The Laredo store will serve as a distribution node for our salvage and remanufactured products that come from Mexico," Herrera stated, declining to comment as to whether that salvage included military surplus. "We will bring performance and protection to South Texas along with the prices and service that has made [Tejas Speed Shop] famous."

Herrera made news last year amid allegations of weapons trafficking and publicly denying that he once operated a large Mexican smuggling ring under the outriding pseudonym of 'El Cabron.'

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