Hit 'em where they hurt. Hit 'em when they're down.

Somewhere in the Southwest ...

Zeek had the pedal pushed to the floor, but the bastard in the Interceptor was still pulling away fast. Slamming his car back down into third for some more torque, Zeek pulled his car left, stabbed the brakes to dip the nose and flicked the wheel hard to the right, squeezing the trigger as the car pitched and yawed. The twin fifties sparked up the pavement as they strafed low across the roadway. The Interceptor lurched and began to fishtail as it surrendered a chunk of tread from underneath. “Now where were we, you son of a ...” Zeek uttered out loud as he buried the accelerator and began to close the distance.

Dealin' Damage has arrived!

No one is foolish enough to brave the West Texas badlands unarmed or unarmored, but every Outrider knows that even too much armor isn't enough - there are too many compnents (including the driver) that can be taken out with a single, (un)timely shot.

Dealin' Damage adds a new level of detail to Outrider's damage track. Instead of just losing Armor Tokens, players can lose something crucial with each hit suffered. Tires blowout, engines sputter and stall, weapons jam and ultimately fail and your armor could shear off - taking parts of your car with it! Even the vehicle's driver isn't safe: one bullet could injure or outright kill the driver.
The Dealin' Damage Bolt-On contains rules, damage cards, targeted damage cards, critical effect cards as well as a set of smoke and debris markers.
Dealin' Damage is available for purchase through the Outrider Bolt-Ons page, WarGameVault, DriveThruRPG and Steve Jackson's E23 Site.

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