New Terrain, New Scenario, New Tools

Greetings all, I have had some dirt-road tiles lying around and I finally picked them back up and reworked them a bit. These are meant to give you three grades of terrain - these new tiles being the trasition tiles from asphalt to unpaved terrain. These should give you a bit more flexibility in scenario desgin as well. Ive uploaded the new tiles to the files section of the Outrider page on BGG. They should be approved by the mods soon.


The Damage deck will be on sale soon (I know I keep saying this) but a few of the compnents will be made available free to players as part of a player's tool kit. This will include the debris tile, the smoke tile and the dust tile. The smoke and debris relate to specific damage effects, but the dust tile introduces a new mechanic for the dust kicked-up behind a moving vehicle (or in front of, if your driving backwards) effectively giving the player a bit of a smokescreen ability. This new way of handling dust/smoke will override the normal scenario rules regarding dust.

'til next time


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