A new outlet for Outrider and a new expansion

I've just spent a month (or two?) corresponding with some folks over at Steve Jackson Games, trying to get Outrider added to their E23 catalog. Well after patiently going back and forth, I finally received the publisher's contract, which I signed and sent off a few days ago ... so we should be days away from seeing Outrider on E23(!)

But That's Not All ...

One of the suggestions of the E23 crew, was to have more than one product available at launch, so I have been working to complete the first Outrider Bolt-On, to premiere with the luanch of Outrider on E23. I give you ... the damage deck:

a sample of damage deck cards

The deck is easily inserted into play - when you would normally remove an Armor Token, you draw a damage card instead and follow the instructions listed. The deck adds degrading effects to the game - cars can suffer from reduced attributes and bonuses and can be outright crippled by critical effects ... there's even a few near misses in the deck, giving the defender's a little hope when facing that last hit.

The deck will go live the same day Outrider goes live on e23, so stay tuned. The damage deck will also be available throught the Outrider bolt-ons page, as well as wargamevault and your other favorite online sellers.

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