New Look and Next Appearance

Version .63 is bringing many changes

Most of the changes are cosmetic, logistic and ergonomic in nature. I have been struggling with how to package and sell the game. Certainly, it will be for sale in electronic form on one of OneBookShelf's sites (Wargames Vault, RPGNow, etc...), but I have been working with how to sell it at demos and conventions. I have settled on a form that is completely comprised of cards and tokens, small enough to store in a tuck box, similar to the white, cardboard ones that you buy in comic shops/game stores (see the image at the left). Top-down images of the vehicles on the cards, a reduced amount of tokens needed to play and a new, three-segment range ruler, the game should be compact enough to carry to your local game night but the scale remains the same for those of us who want the full throttle minis experience.

Dashboards have been replaced with Dash Cards

because of the form factor of the packaging, The dashboards were not doable. I found away to replace the dashboard and the range ruler. The Dashboard will be replaced with individual Dash Cards. Arranged in front of the player, a set of four Dash cards will provide the same info as the Dashboard ... and in some have told me that the information is better arranged on the cards, when compared to the Dashboards. The cards will work better with the special equipment expansion that is coming after the initial release.

Here's some rough comps of the dash cards:

Here's a typical set of four cards as they might be arranged in front of a player

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  1. These really look good - can't wait to see where this continues to go!