Outrider Continues Tour of Pre-Apocalyptic Texas

With Abilene and Austin behind me, I was gearing up to host another demonstration in San Angelo. It will happen, but the owner of Specialties and I haven't panned out a good date yet.

I was a little bummed, though, that June would go by with no event, as it looked as if it would be well into July until Outrider could hit the tables in either San Angelo (or Abilene, again).

Apollocon To the Rescue!

A few days ago, I was contacted by the gaming coordinator for Apollocon 2010. I had contacted him a while back about possibly running a demo and renting an exhibitor booth. The booth didn't work out, as the con was pretty well booked, by the time I started inquiring (note to self for next year). He mentioned to me that he was interested in running a session of Outrider at one of the gaming tables - I had to provide him with a complete set of components for running the game. Needless to say that I'll be spending this week getting together a set of v.62 rules and components into his hands.

According to the scehdule, Outirder will be running from 10am - 2pm on Saturday, June 26th
For an added benefit, the game will go home in the hands of a lucky conventioneer ... I don't know if this will be a raffle or if there will be an Outrider competition of some sort.

Check out the convention's gaming schedule for updates ... and if your in Houston, attending, be sure to stop by and give Outrider a spin.

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  1. Awesome! This would be one of the few things that could get me to go to Houston ;.)