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I'm trying to put together a list of conventions that will feature a table playing Outrider. Not all of these are confirmed. Personally, I am trying to make game-specific conferences in Texas, but I can't do one EVERY weekend. My friend and playtester Mike has volunteered to run a table out of state - Actually he volunteered before I had even considered playing at cons. So without futher ado ...

The Unofficial List of Conventions featuring Outrider:

ICON: The Idaho Convention for Boardgamers

When: April 9th & 10th - 2010, open at 9:00am daily
Where: The Idaho Falls Activity Center, 1575 N Skyline, Idaho Falls, ID
How Much: $15 if purchased online before April 1st, $20 at the door
What to expect: When I last spoke to Mike, he mentioned running a Roadblock scenario as an introduction to the game, with Hold th Fort games for those who stuck around. The convention features a Bingo card, you get stamps for playing a variety of games. Outrider could be on the card ... so good luck!
Status: As far as I know, this is confirmed

For more information or to register, visit the Icon 2010 site.

While Mike is introducing gamers to Outirder in Idaho, I will be schilling it to Texans at ...

ChimaeraCon 2010

When: April 9-11th, hours vary each day
Where: San Pedro Village Event Center, 9926 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216
How Much: Weekend passes are $20 preregistered and $25 at the door. The website also offers single day options as well as family bundles
What to expect: I plan to run basic introductory scenarios, like Roadblock but I am currently brainstorming a large scale 'Hold the Fort' sceanrio based around the post-apocalyptic ruins of the Alamo. Where better than San Antonio, right?
Status: Update 3/30. Well, scratch the ChimaeraCon. I never received a response from the organizers and thus, I have formed other holiday plans for the previous weekend, which means I wont have the time off (and, ahem, money) to travel back to back weekends.

Be sure to check out ChimaeraCon 2010 for more details

Texicon 2010: Where the West Begins

When: Friday, May 21st at 2:00pm - Sunday, May 23rd at 5:00p,
Where: Sheraton Hotel, 1701 Commerce Street, Fort Worth, TX
How Much: $35 Online and $40 at the door for a weekend pass
What to expect: Again, numerous (if possible) quick games of Roadblock, used to teach the game. With more than a month between this and the former convention, I'm sure I can come up with a cool Cowtown scenario for the folks in Fort Worth ... although it was a fort at one time, right? hmmmm.
Status: Scratch another one. By the time the organizers had gotten back to me, I effectively had to be put on a waiting list for a table.

Website: Texicon 2010

Protospiel South 2010

When: Friday, May 28th - Sunday May 30th, hours vary each day
Where: The Best Western Atrium North, 7928 Gessner Drive, Austin, TX
How Much: $15 -$30, depending on the number of days and if pre-ordered
What to expect: This is purely a playtesting convention. So in order to play Outrider, I will have to play other things. I think non-designers are welcomed, to help test but this seems a little different from the other cons listed. Reoresentative from nearby Steve Jackson Games will be in attendance to give design, prototyping and marketing advice ... I'm not sure how big they'll be on something superficially simliar to Car Wars, but oh well ... Depending on how much I get to play, I'm sure I'll limit it to starightforward scenarios, so the rules can be judged without any special rules floating on top.
Status: Pretty  much confirmed. I have already spoken to the organizer, I just have to get off my butt and register.

Website: Protospiel South 2010

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