Outriding in real life?

I know some people can take or leave a game's setting/theme but I've always been a fan of RPG elements in a game, as well as tons of plastic bits. I'm a true Ameritrasher, for sure.

Anyways, when designing the game, the pseudo old west elements and the parallel elements like a American civil war just sort of wrote themselves. One element that I purposely stayed vague on was the 'how' aspect of the setting. How did we get here? Nuclear conflict? Bilogocal warefare? some natural distaster akin to an ice age or asteroid impact? What exactly would it take to make people strap guns and armor to their cars?

Just take a look at this photo:

The truth is that Outriding is going on now. There are people who make a living driving armed and armored vehicles across dangerous desert highways.

It's going on right now in Iraq. Kind of old news, I guess but lately I've been doing alot of surfing, looking for pictures of vehicle armor and vehicle weaponry and I came across alot of articles pertaining to this. Essentially, private companies are hiring security details to protect their delivery convoys as they make their way from city to city, delivering supplies to private contractors.

Just search for civilian gun truck (or just gun truck) and you'll hit on lots of links to images and articles about these security details or 'Road Guard'

The image I posted above come from this flickr collection.

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