Outrider on BGG

I finally took a plunge of sorts and decided to post Outrider on BGG. I struggled with the idea, becuase it fely a bit premature - the game is not quite finished yet. Beyond just finishing out the rules I have alot of polishing up to do, mostly in the form of artwork, layout, design, etc ... visual stuff mainly, as I am sort of a perfectionist about that kind of stuff.

The reason I wanted to go ahead and post it was born out of the response I have gotten to the game from the BGG community. So many ideas, playing pieces and photos have poured out from fellow geeks. I felt it deserved a place where that stuff could gather.

Also I hope to get the game more visible to the type of people who would enjoy it. Along those lines, I am getting more excited about taking it 'on tour' at some conventions throughout the year. The goal? I'm not sure really. At one time I was fixated on web publishing it for sale, but I guess I kind of want to gauge the reaction to it. Maybe I can preprint a few sets to take with to cons, in case there's some immediate interest in having a copy.

Anyway, I hope to get some plays in of my own and put up some session reports and upload some photos of gameplay and a few posed shots of components and vehicles.


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