A glimpse into Outrider's future

I currently have the base Outrider rules distributed to about three separate groups, not including the games I have been running. Next week, my friend Bill will take the rules and some prototype components (I am lending him some of my duplicates) with him to his annual 'Geekend' pilgrimage to Tennessee, where he'll get the chance to see how teachable it is to a (semi) large group.

All that being said, I'm getting a bit impatient with myself. There's so much I want to add, but at some point I just need to be set realistic goals.

I feel pretty confident in the basic rules. I want to make them complete and presentable enough to upload them as a full game to BGG. At one time, I had aspirations of self-publishing through a venue like the wargame vault, but I find myself really drawn to the current PNP movement on the geek.

Taking a break from obsessing over the base rules, I started revisiting some old ideas that I want to introduce into the game. These expansions will address many of the frequent questions I get about the game.


The most basic expansion to the game is the addition of the damage deck. The premise is this: Anytime you would normally tick off a point of damage on the damage track, you will draw a damage card instead. A good portion of the cards will simply be 'Take a point of damage' but there will be detailed damage as well (i.e. damage that targets vehicle dice/attributes directly). There will be a few lucky miss type cards and maybe one or two catastrophic damage cards. I'm going to introduce the initial deck into my games later in March(?) or so. Stay tuned for files.


The most frequent question I get is: 'Where are the oil slicks/caltrops/mines/etc?' I haven't forgot the passive weapons - they were intended to be a part from the start. Passive weapons will be maneuver cards. When you move, you will lay down slicks/etc as you move. Each passive weapon card will remain on the table until crossed by a vehicle. Obviously each passive weapon will have its own unique effects.


The passive weapons are actually part of a as-yet-untitled equipment deck. At the beginning of a game, players will agree to draw special equipment cards utilizing any agreed upon system. Currently untested, it should be possible for custom effects to be achieved by stacking certain equipment. All of the equipment won't strictlybe offensive or defensive. Some of the current plans include:
  • Engine upgrades, including Super/Turbocharger(s) and NOS bottle
  • Handling upgrades like an off-road lift kit
  • 'Special' equipment like Fuzzy Dice, Dashboard Mary and a Pine-Scented Air freshener (don't laugh, they may be more powerful than you think)

But there will be plenty of blatantly dangerous stuff too:

  • Flamethrower
  • Rockets
  • Saws, blades, ram plates and all sorts of collision nastiness
  • and much more (stay tuned)

These (and lots of others not mentioned) are still in a conceptual stage. I really want to introduce them, but I want the base game balanced out first.

Next post, I will touch on some of the fluff elements to the game - mostly regarding the setting and exactly why this is all happening.


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  1. Wow! All this buzz and your wonderful gamer wife has yet to play it at all...or even read the rules. Um, about time you rectified that :)