Texicon wraps up, Battlegrip.com reviews Outrider

We had an amazing time at Texicon! We managed to squeeze in more than 9 FULL session of Outrider over the weekend, showcasing the game to old and NEW fans alike. Phil Reed of Battlegrip.com caught up with the DiceFestGames crew at Texicon this past weekend and sat in on a 'stop the truck' scenario from the Black/Gold campaign.

Sizing up the unsuspecting prey.

Waiting to pounce.
We got a lot of great sessions in over the weekend and met a lot of great people. The response from the convention attendees was overwhelmingly positive. We had a large range of players, from kids, casual boardgamers, roleplayers and even a few grognards! A lot of our players told us that the game struck the right balance of fun and 'simulation.'

The Raider, about to speed around the corner and make its presence known

The Trail Boss (right) doing its best to keep the ambushers away from the tanker
"Combat is as quick and easy as movement in Outrider, and I like that we could resolve each attack in less than a minute."
—Phil Reed, Battlegrip.com 
You can read Phil's complete writeup here.

Thanks to Kevin & Karl for extending the invite to us for Texicon 2015 and thanks to all who came by the table and took Outrider out for a test drive.


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