Time to engage in some (Not So) Passive Aggression

The newest expansion for Outrider is finally here. After months and months of design and redesign and playtesting and replaytesting, I finally settled on a deck of twenty new weapons to augment the Outrider experience. These weapons change Outrider from a 'dogfight' styled engagement by giving the players new choices for attack or diverting an enemy. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will try to highlight some of the new gear and begin to show how it works within the game and how it can be a great complement to the other two expansions.

First Up: Passive Weapons

Dropped objects (mines, oil, etc) were elements that were in my mind during the creation of the base game. I knew that the maneuver card system lended itself to having 'attack' maneuvers. Actually, in early prototypes of the game, shooting attacks were maneuver cards as well (it was the short straight that eventually became 'ease up'). slicks, catrops and other 'secret agent' type deterrents are pretty much at the core of all car combat media we have seen over the years - anything from James Bond, Car Wars, MarioKart to Death Race.

The typical use for these weapons is to give the faster builds (Interceptor, Gunslinger, Renegade, Raider, etc) a rear weapon in the absence of one, as the droppers do not require a hardpoint to be attached. They also can be attached to vehicles with rear weapons, making for some super deadly Linebackers out there(!)

What They're Best At

The dropped weapons are good for controlling you enemy, creating a barrier that keeps them away or at least makes them take a path that is more advantageous for you. Even seasoned drivers can have major difficulties and lasting effects crossing dropped items. Especially when combined with critical effects from the Dealin' Damage deck, a vehicle's stats can be stripped away quickly, even with no armor lost.

Now vehicles with no rear weaponry can deter followers!

Be Careful

Dropped substances can be dangerous for everyone, even the vehicle dropping the substance. Slicks/etc remain in play as severe hazards and any vehicle that contacts or loses control on a dropped substance runs the risk of suffering the bad effects.

So augment your gameplay and pickup the (Not So) Passive Aggression Weapons Deck from the Bolt-Ons page.

Next time: we discuss Auxiliary Weapons



  1. Hey G, I just bought about $8 worth of you card game. Is there somewhere I can look to see how many cards will be coming to my house and what size they are?
    I love car wars and MIlle Bournes (1000 miles) therefore I would like to play this one with my nephew!

  2. I've been looking for a action-packed new dice game. I think it is always fun to learn a new game. I'll keep looking around.

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