Flame on!

Now that I have your attention(!) let's talk about Outrider's next expansion: (Not So) Passive Aggression. This expansion will round out the Outrider experience, by adding a new dimension in weapons to your game.

Dropped Weapons

All the classics are here - Oil Slicks, Napalm Slicks, Smokescreen, Caltrops, Mines, Etc. including a few new spins on old favorites. These weapons will essentially work like weaponized Maneuver Cards - play them as part of your movement chain and leave them behind for your enemy to contend with ... but be careful that you don't lose control while deploying or you could be the one dealing with the effects.

Deployed Weapons

Similar to the dropped weapons, these weapons differ in that they are attack token activated and have their own range/area of effect cards. The Snare and The Paint Sprayer are examples of deployed weapons.

Auxiliary Weapons

Finally a new use for those pesky secondary slots. Why have a puny machine gun in that slot when it could be the pictured Flamethrower(!) There are a variety of direct an indirect firing weapons such missiles, mortars and rockets (oh my!) to choose from.

Contact Weapons

Why shoot someone when you can simply run 'em through? Finally there will be an arsenal of rams, plows, blades, etc. to make collisions deadlier than ever.

Yes, but when?!

This one has taken a greater amount of playtesting, rules integration and art than the previous expansions (almost on par with the base game) but I think the final result will be well worth it. I know I have made promises before and I'm hesitant to set a date in stone, but it WILL be out before the end of 2012, with early summer being the bullseye. In addition, there will be artwork for vehicle sets 3 and 4.

Until next time!


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  1. keeping my fingers crossed for early summer vs end of 2012:)