Some Great User submitted content

Greetings, all.

I've been receiving some great feedback and also some user-generated content. ShaunGamer, a BGG user has created some recolored variants of the base vehicles, including all four in Republic of Texas Ranger coloring (each with different call numbers - nice touch, SG). Click on the image below for the full size original, hosted on BGG.

Beware the Rotor-Squad!
On a related note, the Card-Art version of the four expansion vehicles (Raider, Renegade, Tailgunner & Trailblazer) are in the works.

here's a sneak of two, yet unfisnhed vehicles - can you guess which is which?

Outrider Videos

The first video is a brief assembled components overview uploaded to youtube and BGG by User Chugosh. The second is a video I found while searching for the link to Chugosh's video on YouTube ... It's a pitch video by BAE, trying to sell their 'Outrider' vehicle to the military. I always thought of making an 'Outrider' build for the game, I just hadn't settled on what it was going to be yet ... hmmmm

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