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It's been a hectic month (give or take a week), It feels good to have a game out there in the public now. To all who have received a copy, I hope it hits your tables soon and I hope you enjoy it. Remember, this is a living document of sorts, so don't hesitate to send your suggestions/critiques. I'm new to many aspects of this (the papercraft aspect, forexample) so if you think you've found a way to do something better, let me know.

here's a sample for some of the review that have trickled in ...

"I found Outrider to fully meet my high expectations. The game really captures the feel of the genre, and there is a large element of tactical descision. The dice mechanic is simple and straightforward, but my favorite is the manuver card based movement system." - M. Heywood, via wargamevault.com

"I've been on the lookout for a vehicle game for some time and the system sounded really different. I kinda like the card maneuver system and the aspect of giving each card one of the four dices D6, D8, D10 and D12 to Weapons, Armor, Driver and Engine. Simple and works perfect." - M. Jensen, via wargamevault.com

"This game really scratches my Road Warrior/Death Race itch! An awesome Print & Play that captures fast car combat action with out getting overly complex or 'mathy.' This is my new go-to car combat game." - M. Holyoak, via BoardGameGeek.com

So, as you see, Outrider is a hit with guys whose name starts with M: a very specific demographic, but I'll take it.

One aspect that I have noticed about the game is that players are using the game as an appraochable intro into wargaming. My wife has given me a 'told ya so,' becuase she mentioned this possible aspect to the game ages ago. I had noticed at demos that kids were attracted to the Hot Wheels we modded and nearly always picked it up instantly. I know from playing with my sons that alot of wargames can be a little overwhelming, and I hope that the game continues to be a alternative that gamer parents can use to bring their kids into the hobby.

Here are a few links to some reviews/sessions that so a great job of illustrating the in and outs of a game.

"A Battle With the Boy"
Father and Son go head-to-head in this roadblock scenario.

"Father vs. the Twins"
A father takes on his 8-year-old twins in this roadblock variant.

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