T-Minus Four Days and Counting

Friday, May 28th marks the beginning of Protospiel South, a gaming convention devoted to playtesting and prototyping board, card and tabletop games.

I will be attending Protospiel South 2010, with Outrider v.60 in tow. I hope this version proves, through testing, to be the final revision. I feel there will be no more major revisions beyond this point. I hope to be able to shift my focus to creating artwork, working on the graphic design and producing prototypes to be shopped around to various publishers. I am also working on creating a small pre-printed four player set that I plan on selling at game cons and at a few local comic/game stores.

The public demos will continue, as long as the local game stores will allow. The next public demo will be at Specialties, a toy and game store in San Angelo, TX. Details are still being hammered out at this point, but it will likely be sometime in June. This will be followed by another appearance at Premier Comics in Abilene, TX.

Thanks again to all the playtesters that have helped shaped this game into a much better game than I had imagined ... We've come a long way from hand-drawn cards and coffee-stirrer rulers.

Two New Vehicles Debut at Protospiel

At present, there are seven basic builds included in the rules. I recently gave a rundown of these vehicles on this blog. I've always been a bit nagged by the fact that I don't have an eighth build - it would help round things up for printing purposes. The two current candidates for the eighth slot are:

The Trailblazer

The Trailblazer distills several strong elements from other cars. Articulated front arc - check. Rear arc - check. Handling Bonus - check. Firepower Bonus - check. The Trailblazer could become the ubiquitous Outrider vehicle. It's a great, versatile build ... so good in fact, that I fear that NO ONE would EVER choose to use another build.


The other build is a bit experimental. The Jarhead represents a ex-military vehicle retrofitted for Outriding. Featuring an overlapping articulated primary arc and secondary arc, the Jarhead can pack quite an offensive punch when the arcs line up on the same target. Essentially a rolling gun, I'm curious to see how well it works in practice.

For more information on Protospiel South 2010, follow this link:


  1. Hi,

    Good luck at Protospiel, I'm sure it will go well. Please try to get someone to take some photos, it's always good to see Outrider in action. Are you going to issue V6.0 to the Playtesters yet (can't wait to see how this version turns out). I like the Jarhead suggestion (in my mind a Giant leviathan, big gun(s) but slow, if used with the right tactics, devastating!). I'm not so sure about the Trailblazer, as you say, why would you use anything else? I was hoping that the eigth build would be a motorcycle/sidecar combo, but that's just my pipe-dream.

    Look forward to seeing V6.0 and some pics from Protospiel.



  2. Motorcyles are an expansion idea, as I want them to function a bit differently than cars. I definitely want to include them, as they are a big part of nearly every Car Wars type mythos. The Trailblazer was born out of the fact that most people think the Tailgunner is backwards.