Gearing up for upcoming events

First off, let me say that I want to sand off the tips of my fingers, because they are encrusted with dried super glue. Over the last week I have converted about twenty (20) die cast cars to battle-worthy status. I've also been busy printing, cutting and gluing multiple sets of player components - I plan to have enough components on hand to accommodate six to eight players with ease. And then there's the scenery - Three or four buildings, tons of road segments and many 1/64th scale pump jacks, sheesh!

In all serious though, I'm very excited about this ... I think it is going to be a blast. Here's the scenarios I plan to be running May 8th:

Scenario One: Roadblock

THE GIST: Munday, TX. Places like this used to be speedtraps ... now they're deathtraps. Two Republic of Texas Rangers (ROToRs) have setup a trap for any Outriders desperate enough to pass through this particular section of old SH 277.

THE TEAMS: The Outrider team consists of a Muleskinner (hauling precious/illegal/dangerous cargo) and a Gunslinger riding shotgun. The ROToR team has one Interceptor and one Linebacker.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Outrider team must get the Muleskinner past the roadblock for a win. The ROToR team must destroy the Muleskinner for a win.

 Scenario Two: Hold The Fort

THE GIST: Presidio County, TX. Radio KESO is a pirate tejano station operating somewhere near the Mexican border. A ROToR task force has learned that the station has been operating under the control of a cartel of smugglers known as the Comanchero. The station has been aiding the operation by transmitting coded messages into Old Mexico. A small ROToR force has been sent to take the rogue station off the air … permanently.

THE TEAMS: The Comanchero team is represented by the Inhabitants of the building (see rules below) and at least one vehicle of the player’s choice. The ROToR strike force is comprised of at least two vehicles of the player’s choice.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Rangers win by eliminating the building and any guarding vehicles. The Comancheros win by eliminating the ROToRs.

Scenario Three: Black Gold

THE GIST: Somewhere near Midland/Odessa, outriders have been hired to protect a small oil field from a Comanchero raiding party. The raiders are set on destroying the pump jacks, bringing the oil production to a halt. As long as at least one pump can keep the black stuff flowing, the outriders will have earned their pay.

THE TEAMS: There are two guarding outriders, using any vehicles of their choice. The outriders have been supplied with off-road conversions as part of their compensation from the field owners. The raiding party consists of three vehicles that can be any combination of Raiders and Renegades.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Outriders must defeat the raiders before the four pump-jacks have been destroyed. The raiders win if they can destroy all four pumps.

I'm anxious to see what the turnout will be ... I hope to see you there.

Next post, I'll be giving a brief rundown of some of the vehicles and weaponry in Outrider.

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